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II. August 10, 1922, No. 2317, then definitely pregnant to the
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Treatment,” by Dr. Daniel D. Stiver, of South Bend.
betnesol eye ear and nose drops
betnesol in pregnancy side effects
Percj^ Dunphy, eldest son of the late Dr. George \V. Dunphy,
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chronic character of most mental disorders requires
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Demonstration of the technique for the examination of the semen of bulls.
betnesol nasal drops spc
F. A Malmstone, Griffith; O. B. Nesbit, Gary; V. L. Turley, Fowler;
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► We, too, pay judgments. But, as the company devoting its resources ex-
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Apply to JOSEPH PARRfSH, M.D., at Media, Pa,, or at
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t Director, Division of Communicable Disease Control,
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monographs and systematic treatise?, and in the current
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the abort and its membranes, the presence of B. abortus is recog-
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I was wondering whether he had determined the reaction prior to sterilization
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Dr. S. W. Haigler (McK. '19) has discontinued his practice at Bellflower,
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ditionally, it was an infection affecting only the pregnant uterus,
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1948, will have an added decoration for their cars,
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himself, the Medical Superintendent of the asylum or some
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membership directory. There has been none published for three
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Culpepper, 1st Vice-President; Dr. W. H. Ellett, of Richmond,
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Dr. Edward Smith, a highly distinguished member of our profess^ion,
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thetic fluid. Withdraw the needle sh'ghtly as the injection pro-
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Dr. H. L. Cotton, who brought out a number of very interesting
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anthelmintics, a field in which the author of the book has come
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of subjects considered. Since Wisconsin leads all other states
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inserted towards the gall bladder, and the patient returned to
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herself as much as possible with the hope of hurrying the
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of the word “neurosis” in medical literature. At
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cost a fortune and a whole life of study) are pronounced
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the patient suffers more excitement and struggling and the
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gree that they handed him a doctor’s degree forth-
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treated by the author 1 ** by local applications of
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adhesions are more likely to recover if turned on pasture for a
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Hadley, representing the University of Wisconsin, and Dr. 0. H.
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6. Support of the state-wide campaign against undulant fever.
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that we do not commit another crime against the rule of binomial nomen-
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by lifting antero-posterior oval flaps of skin, and
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labor which our brother has been called upon to enter,
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practice in this state, and such other information as
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a small stream from the glans penis. The hemorrhage would

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