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Hugh S. Ramsey, Bloomington; Parvin M. Davis. New Albany; T. A.
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Dr. Coxklin: It was tested upon experiment animals.
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Veterinary Medical Association was held in St. Paul, Minn.,
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weeks, for poliomyelitis for two weeks, for smallpox until all lesions are gone, for scax-let fever for
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in them the lesions characteristic of caseous lymphadenitis. In
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over, thumbing the paper, and taking quite critical
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This article is highly reoommended by the celebrated Erasmus Wilson, and has been found very serviceable in
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For years there have been mam' undependable instruments
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the turbinated bone. The cavity of the tumor was curetted and
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offices at Indianapolis, Evansville, and Fort Wayne.
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Mediterranean locality, or had cases of undulating fever been
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following morning they were weighed. The average weight was
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...J. Wm. Wright, Indianapolis ...Paul J. Fouts, Indianapolis
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geons on their return trip. The dispatch referred to Professor
and the immunizing value of the single or initial dose. Therefore,
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given the drug in soft elastic globules suffered inhalation-
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wonderful w^ork in lithrotrity has made him famous, advocates
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member is certified to move flowers on a stage set,
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anus, a small abscess can be palpated. The perianal
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how much does combigan eye drops cost
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to the length of service, capacity, experience, and
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62. Gebauer, P. W. : A Case of Intrapericardial Ter-
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L. C. Stewart, R. E. Surring, F. S. Thurmon, H. J. Timmerman
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ably Taylor's or Still's Medical Jurisprudence. A post
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which are so puzzling. We are too apt to attribute the disease to the plant
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when Negri bodies were found in the brain and animal inocula-
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scholarships for doctors in rural areas is something
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that accidents, illnesses, and congenital conditions
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usually becomes a chronic condition, subject to re-
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This eminent investigator of amino acids and related organic
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has been recorded in the sensitization for tuberculin either type
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et cetera. The rate on Class B is 5 per cent on the
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AUDITING COMMITTEE — Chairman, O. B. Norman, Indianapolis;
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President Welch: Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure
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Found gurgling the first time I touched it: none after-
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EPILEPSY, Article on, by J. Russell Reynolds, M.D., F.R.S., &c., p. 7G2.
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manufactory of watch-spring rings. They stand the open
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Of Alliance, Ohio, died suddenly, of apoplexy, at his
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cases of the disease show damage or destruction among the cells
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The third case recovered also. Dr. Slawson believed that his
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Great difficulty was encountered in securing the penis for the
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planned as units of general hospitals in other than
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Department of Cardiology — George S. Bond, M.D., Indianapolis.
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was found to be empty. The hand could be easily passed into
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cluding all amendments thereto, since its enaction,
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upheld, its standards exalted, its sphere of useful-
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Cateract; attended with complications in the opera-
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that every phsiciun who is familiar with his report, and
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the instrument is liable to be misdirected. Also, when neither forceps nor
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strikes between the joints of the barncs. into the vital* •
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ions of other workers, and the intimate and important relations of all its
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choscopes- Esophagoscopes -Laryngoscopes ; Mirrolite;
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sive, there were 13,784 deliveries at the Cincinnati
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who was asked, ''Does your father belong to church?"
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(3) tuberculosis ; (4) surgical treatment of cancer of the uterus.
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narians, the demand will not increase. As regards veterinary
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and most interesting. Dr. Stange especially stressed the fact
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