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made on July 14, 1903, provided that an Essay deemed by the

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as against fourteen unclosed cases at the same time

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latter can theoretically be accepted as the etiological

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ground. Diarrhea is often present. About the yard and pen

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different classes of climate. The second part treats of ocean

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As a matter of fact, some investigators have doubted that true Negri bodies

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Committee. He was chairman of the Association of Veterinar}^

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and the Schuvlkill Vallev Veterinar}^ Medical Association.

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wet. Mould will grow luxuriously on stalks that have been thoroughly

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another most adults note “objects floating in front


Recording Secretary — Mrs. J. L. Allen. Greenfield.

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in the same or similar localities, where the service

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a similar flap on the internal side, and disarticu-

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to the size of the lesion per se causing a mechani-

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thus affected in an acute experiment, rather than to subject it

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effeets of coal-oil, is highly interesting; but the

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profession, and shall use its influence to secure and

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After reaching seven weeks of age the temperature, pulse, and

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first provide a free passage for the transmission of the spermato-

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dangerous, for the reason that bovine streptococci are poten-

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Stock Sanitary Association, as a delegate from the New York State Veterinary

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time of the taking effect of this act together with

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separating it from the vaginal wall, tearing down the loose

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cholera while their blood is free from the virus of that disease.

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tory of Remlinger's work. In this country the filterability of the

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the United States. It is not necessary to do it now, not necessary

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1 George W. Willison, M.D., Evansville Williard T. Barnhardt, M.D., Princeton Evansville

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to Elmira, N. Y., where he immediately connected him-

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1 George W. Willison, M.D., Evansville Williard T. Barnhardt, M.D., Princeton Evansville

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