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were as great among the older animals as among the young.

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Directions.— For an adult, a dessertspoonful to a table3poonful may be taken three times a day, before meals.

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It is manufactured by ourselves, from the purest materials, and is extensively and successfully prescribed by the most emi^

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of their various personal opinions and interpretations.

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superintendent of the Indiana Girls School, at Cler-

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FOR INTRANASAL USE: % % in isotonic saline and in isotonic

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each member a copy of said report, for his consideration, to

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Dr. Clifton D. Lowe (Ohio '10) has resigned as State Veterinarian of

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trace of evidence of introduction. What is usually meant is

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5. Williams, Ralph B. : Tularemia, First Case to be

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wattle. Hen no. Ill showed marked swelling of the wattle or

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Three cases that I am narrating in this paper are cases that

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of having been bred. Of the ten head remaining, which went

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for the treatment of canine distemper had been complete failures


the lower torso, thighs, and legs. Spider naevi are

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III. There was a Q 2 and Q 3 . Another electrocardio-

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S- ty ' S y r?^- J" mes S L oan ' D.D.. Dr. J W Scott and

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On October 25, 1922, a band of 4200 lambs was shipped into

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in the non-sensitive, loose, subcutaneous tissues without pro-

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figure of $16,904,000. Prof. Ruffner urged that veterinarians

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of mold growth. The presence of mold is no evidence of the

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Can be relied on in every particular. Its superiority over that prepared on our own seashore is shown by the numer-

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weeks or months later, when exposed to natural infection. In

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Bulson, Fort Wayne (two years); Howard E. Hill. Muncie (one year);

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ions of the ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes or fimbriated extrem-

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' Ideation, now so commonly used, was first I Darwin, in his "Zoonomla," aptly designates

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which would sicken would be small, and that retreatment received credit

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and then transferring to a test tube is not so reliable as the

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a talk on "Poultry Management Principles of Importance to

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sulation enclosing large quantities of a semi-fluid, necrotic mass

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mules sold during the first eight months of this year than were

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an ointment containing salvarsan, 1:10,000, may be used.

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testicle on the opposite side. The phenomena of menstruation

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