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cent of the negative cases showed a similar condition, it seems
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Fred B. Wishard, Anderson (one year); Philip E. Yunker, Evansville (two
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A study was made of the time required for the passage of food
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The plant shown in the accompanying illustration is too well
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msiy develop a confidence within himself that can be born only
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simplest and most essential foods, it is not infre-
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Tablets of 1.25 mg.— bottles of 20, 100 and 1000.
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was ascertained that the owner had been in the habit of appl} ing
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that the infection will permeate the tissues still further, and
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a most deplorable condition, which if not relieved,
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cient information has been published to give a fair
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scanty and accompanied with pain. The blood count was 63
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Physician makes the diagnosis — not the laboratory.
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1. Bickers, W.: Am. J. Obst. & Gynec. 51:100, 194b.
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make a census of the dogs and require each owner to present his
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about for a preparation which would not present this very
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to malignancy. Six months of age is the limit of time to wait for
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January 23-24, was probably the most successful yet held by
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'Goss, L. W. and Scott, Jos. P. 1918. Standardization of Blackleg Vaccine. Jour. A. V.
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tissues and fluids is so slight that it is not detect-
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population of the state. These were allotted on the
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4. Maintain the present high standard of the Indiana University Medical Center, combining the full medical
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elect for this year, had sent in his resignation as
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us, is very important. With a “ten million market”
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still, by the use of the Schiotz tonometer. Also, the

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