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has detected much larger quantities, and he and Mr. Blair, a manufacturer

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was no displacement of the fragments; very little tumefaction of the soft parts,

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they may, with sufficient care and high magnifying powers

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cancroid, consists in an increase of the number of the layers of the

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blood can scarcely make its way onwards, relief is obtained by

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' We have recently receiTed some moftt interesting researches of Gr&fe's upon

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ther the matter used was taken from mild or severe, from the single or the con-

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1861, the results of observations, by Flourens and Czermak, on the peculiar move-

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recently effused blood forming a layer on the surface of the mem-

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both student and practitioner will benefit by the perusal of

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assumed by the myoma, according to the predominance of one

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Dr. John Moir, Surgeon to the Lying in Hospital, Edinburgh, gave similar

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more severe, perspiration constant and very profuse, no change in the pulse.

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summed up by him in the following manner ; — 1. The changes pro-

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sarily witness to the co-existence of wiU, forethought, or con-

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the pneumogastric nerve- — to explain this. But in lesions

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rican edition, with Notes and a Series of Lectures by W. W. Gerhard, M. D.,

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sometimes varicose. The name peri-papillary congestion has been

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3. In 1854i the first year of the Crimean war, when cholera was so prevalent in

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perforated by two orifices, one toward the inner and the other toward the

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of the kidneys occurs chiefly in the course of scarlet

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" That a certain degree of distension of the ciliary body, such as

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glimpse thus gained of a number of obscure and difficult

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to the respiratory infections called "colds" we feel con-

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"6. That the crime of infanticide should no longer be punishable

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professes to represent ^^ the section of the cornea made by von

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was also inflamed. Mr. Abernethy gives several cases in which paraplegia

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