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called sclerosis. These changes are con- j rior horns, including Clarke's pillars, at

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The work is illustrated with unusual richness, the plates

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organisms present, no systemic disturbance, and no clinical

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College of Veterinary Surgeons, class of 1893, and enjoj^ed a

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again appeared in the fall pigs. The death-rate was about the

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During recent years, more specifically during the Great War,

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rapidly increase in duration and intensity in a few hours, causing

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infection of the skin. Contact dermatitis, which is

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veterinarians present, showing that there is interest being

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that one member got upon his feet to move that the balance of

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Of the other sequelae, eye lesions are most common. Some

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sional to receive remuneration from patents or copy-

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ing School fornurse.s. Married to a physician living in Ontario.

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consist of five members, the chairman to be specified

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tion of the greatest importance to all state medical

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COMMITTEE ON STATE FA I R— Chairman, Robert H. Wiseheart,

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the second liay, however, patient continued the douches, at

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cussion on the subject of "Municipal Meat and Milk Inspection,"

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bed. Death occurred six hours after. Dr. H. B. Anderson

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the interstitial tissues of the lungs, while others

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'Pasteur: (1882) Compt. rend, de I'acad. des sciences. 84, 85 and 86.

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work he at any time used an avian type of tuberculin or whether he always

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plea for “more leisure for the general practition-

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geal affection, (difficulty of swallowing, impaired

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Examiners and thereby throw the State of Colorado wide open to anyone

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Massachusetts — Dr. L. H. Howard, Director, Division of Animal Industrj-,

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Traum dwelt more especially on the pathological and bacterio-

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capsules, foxes were given the. drug either in hard gelatin cajD-

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of "pregnant" or "not pregnant" in cows which have been treated

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editor. Editorial Board: Bert Ellis, Indianapolis (one year): Charles N.

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INDICATED for relief of the nasal and ocular symptoms of hay

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monographs and systematic treatises and in the current

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ice water to the head. 01. tiglii gtts. ij, with ol. ricini

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* Presented before the Section on Ophthalmology and

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these birds had from the outset the run of a lake shore, some

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I was called to see her in the evening, at her full

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danger of carrying to their destination some contagious or

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The plan of the experiment is given in brief in table I.

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each Individual citizen to “life, liberty and the pursuit

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foretell to a considerable degree the ratio of abortion by the number of copu-

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remark he made. That is, members of the Committee say one

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back the Victoria Guild, a larger organization aid-

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rectum, and pass the tail to the side, securing it to a ring and cord

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this published as a separate publication, as a report of this Com-

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year of which time shall have been in some regularly or-

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deficiencies and use them in conjunction with blood

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clature in giving this organism two specific names. I am sure Dr. Dimock,

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odicals, and it usually ranks second only to the cattle, but more

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