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Prepared on the Sea-Shore of Cape ( od and Cape Ann, by Mr. CASWELL personally, from


terial in the cerebrospinal fluid is irritating. The

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favorable effects are observed in the vast majority

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ciation, and Ray E. Smith of Indianapolis, the asso-

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the city are taking an active interest in the work of the organiza-

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organized into five departments for teaching and research along

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in 61.5 per cent of ninety-one cases of the disease.

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It is believed that the same holds true with regard to the tem-

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he went^ to Washington State College, where he was an instruc-

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"It has more real solid worth, more useful instruction,

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found in the possibility of providing poor mechanics

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tube, so none of the liquid was lost. The sheep were each given

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how many hogs we had on farms January 1, 1923. Statistics showed 300,000.

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which will be included material of special interest

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more than an hour on the microscopic examination of the most

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Dr. A. E. Zimmer, Columbus, Ohio; Dr. C. E. Cotton, St. Paul,

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she had frequently displayed an urticarial response

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“practice” on January first of that year, and had

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from the liver to the umbilicus. Also she suffered by

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" If we introduce an elastic catheter into the urethra of a

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logical Association, held in Atlantic City, June 16th

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Composite samples of the moldy silage fed were made by

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gynecology and bj' a better education of the farmer to the se-

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stillborn) and nine colts, the oldest of which was three weeks,

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without albuminuria. Many other workers have, from time to

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the following prescription was made with themott happy

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described in the literature, and, on that basis, we took the liberty to name it

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Conservation of Vision Committees Breakfast Instructional Courses

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is done away with, along with the statutory positions of the State and the

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Mohler and Eichhorn'^ assert that the melitensis organism is

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which up to this time had not contained any infected animals.

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ever necessary, intelligent action on the part of this

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found to be highly effective, and produces relatively few side effects.

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degree of force, is identical in effect with the gas-

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structed to take a two- weeks vacation at his convenience.

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