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Will the sender please give us his name, and inform us

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sive investigation of the toxicity of molds for laboratory animals.

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N. B. This copyright is not intended to prevent medi-

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of the city, brought his men together at the corner of College

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the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the

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No. 22. Skin showed extensive irregular urticaria, all parts of body, head

vemurafenib (zelboraf) for metastatic melanoma

Valley Academy, Downingtown, Pa., the German High School,

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ties cannot be made available to those rural communities

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ence of a saturated solution of the acetate of lead,

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mitted their enactment without registering the most vigorous

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tions of Societies at ten cents per line, ten words to the line.\

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Script for the program on “Hypertension,” which

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gas, is not hot, only slightly painful, and has no tendency

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once, largely because I did not wish to lay down iron rules

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J8®- Medical Society and Clinical Reports, Notes and

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Dr. Mayo: Mr. President, I move that the report of the

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Sole Manufacturers and Proprietors, CASWELL. HAZARD A CO., under Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York City.

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though a careful examination were made before death. Included

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matic thoracic surgery briefly and completely in two

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regard to changes in administrative details of such

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femoral artery, but the rate of heart beats was determined by

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requiring neurosurgical intervention we turn to the

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In addition to the transaction of other routine business, it was moved and

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as readily as silage free from mold. The moldy silage used was

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We notice, loo, on closer inspection, that her jewelry is quite flashing, her dress a bit loud,

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2 W. C. Reed, M.D., Bloomington J. S. Brown, M.D., Carlisle Bloomington

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of the qualifications, regardless of whether he lives in Timbuctoo

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given to President Van Norman and his assistants, particularly

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1. Preservation of American Medicine through voluntary service to the sick.

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1 Wilson, F. N., Johnston, F. D., Ian, G. W., Hill, M. B.,

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but this set free, quinine deviates in some respects

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money and time on, should be read before this Association.

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anything at the hands of this Association, but for the good of

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in tertiary forms, such as periostitis, etc. ; whether

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A sh— C ' meron— Feb. 25th, in Philadelphia, by the Rev.

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and from 1906 to 1907. He was twice a member of the Resolu-

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ited and assistance and care was not available from

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cept in a very advanced stage. The previous history

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Pennsylvania — Dr. T. E. Munce, State Veterinarian, Bureau of Animal

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To Dr. and Mrs. H, H. Yocum, of Freelandville, Ind., a daughter, Betty

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Some chose to use courses consisting of alternating

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Pot.k — Levergood.— In the Pre-by'erian Church of

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Livestock Sanitation. W. H. Dalrymple, M. R. C V. S.,

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Also on the sixth day, the rash faded and the boy was

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them. It is reported that during the afternoon the Blue Owls

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when instructed to do so at a regular or special meeting. There

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stop shortly after the sexual excitement passed away.

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and wool are from animal parasites, as sheep suffer compara-

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obtained from the lung of one which was killed by accident,

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general lack of food factors. If the latter condition prevaileil,

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